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Live Streaming. 

You need someone to live stream and showcase your event? 

Up to 4 Cameras


I'm able to stream an event with up to 4 Cameras, regardless of the event.

(Webinar, Info-Channels, Announcements, Talks etc.)  

High quality streaming in Full-HD and a professional voice recording with external microphones.



It doesn't matter if you want to stream on YouTube, Facebook or Vimeo, I'm familiar with all these platforms and can help you setting it up.

If you want to stream to your own homepage, I can offer you my Vimeo Pro account to do so, but you are responsible for embedding the Vimeo player on your homepage. 

Company Events


I can Live Stream bigger events as well. This requires a bigger team and more planning than just a smaller live stream to a social media platform. 

If you are not sure what kind of setup you need, just get in contact with me and I'm happy to help you figure our what setup fits best for your needs. 

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